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geomembrane welder

geomembrane welder
Product name : geomembrane welder
Item : BM800
Details :
 Geomembrane Welder description:

Geomembrane welding machine can weld geo-membrane of various thickness and are applicable for welding of all thermal-fused material such as LDPE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP and so on. The control of this series of welding machine adopts PID automatic thermostatic control with high control accuracy and low temperature fluctuation; speed control adopts PWM automatic voltage and speed regulation circuit, driven by DC servo motor, with great output torque and the operating is stable. It can maintain a constant speed on the condition of creeping, vertical creeping and variable road load. Also this series of welding machine is stable in performance despite of external temperature and voltage variation.

Geomembrane Welder Technical parameter

 Voltage (V): 220V/110V

 Frequency (Hz): 50Hz/60HZ

 Power (P): 800W

 Welding speed (V): 0.8-6m/min

 Heating temperature (T): 0-450℃

 Thickness of material to be welded: 0.2mm-2.0mm

 Overlap width: 100mm

 Welding width: 12.5mm×2, interior cavity 12mm

 Seam strength: ≥85% base material (tensile resistant

in shear direction), complete machine

 Dimensions: L32 x W15cm x H22cm

 Net Weight: 4.5kg

 Gross Weight: 9kg

 Insulation class: class II

Main components


Operation principle

Motor drives upper and lower pressure rollers to rotate through reduction gearbox and chain. Slide carriages

drive the hot wedge and insert it between the two base materials, at the same time lever presses pressure rollers

and engages the two fused base materials.


Control schematic diagram and motor wiring diagram

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